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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exploring Aging Research

        Publishing research is goal that came late in my career when I became involved in the research about ageism.  I have not been very successful in getting my work published but one of my former students Yongjie Yon published a modified form of an earlier submission and has become a major researcher regarding Senior Citizens issues for the Canadian Federal Government. I supervised his honors thesis and encouraged him to continue on. He now has a master’s degree and is an experienced researcher working for the Canadian Federal Government  as a Policy Analyst, Senior and Pensions Policy Secretariat, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).  I was also invited to a conference in Barcelona Spain to present my research findings
         I am filling some of that need by presenting articles on my blog. While almost no one takes the opportunity to communicate back. It is very exciting to see for example that besides people from Canada there are page viewers to name a few from the USA, Philippines, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Latvia, Chile, and Singapore. (Please pardon me for those I’ve missed.)

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