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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love and Work

         According to Sigmund Freud love and work are the corner stones of our humanness. In Freud’s time, gender roles were more clearly divided than they are today; the husband went out into the community to work and the wife stayed home and managed the household and children.  These days, the division of labour is not so distinct.  Although many women work full-time, women’s career paths are more likely to include both household management and part-time employment.
       For women, having social networks and being involved in a community are important factors predicting retirement satisfaction and adjustment. This is particularly true for women with higher educational attainment.
       Not surprisingly, professional women are less likely to identify with homemaker roles and are more likely to work part time after retirement. Those who have worked full time are more likely to volunteer after retiring
       However educational experience does not does not predict women’s sharing of leisure activities with friends and family, their interest in volunteering and their religious activities

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